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We are specializing on sales and purchase of used floating docks

Please note the docks are listed here just as examples of past activity. The main database is confidential. If you selling a dock or looking for please contact as directly on e-mail address below.

Small floating dock
Draft (loaded): 4.6 M
Construction material: steel
Built: 1971 East Europe.
Max size of ships - LOA 50M, beam 12 M
Lifting capacity: 220 MT
Geared: 2 cranes x 5 MT

Self-docking floating dock
BLT 1990 Europe
GRD: 3 cranes: 2x15 MT, 1x10 MT
LOA 206 M
Width: 45 M
Clear opening: 33.5 M
Maximum submerging capacity: 17.7 M
Depth: 22.6 M
Lifting capacity - 20700 MT
Class valid till 2013

Floating dock
Length O.A. 137.5 m
Breadth MLD 28 m
Depth Md Pontoon 4.11 m
Depth MLD sidewalls 13.0 m
Width between Sidewalls 20.7 m
Width between Fenders 18.9 m
Lifting capacity 8.000 MT
Geared: one crane 3.0 MT
built: 1957
Single pontoon dock of riveted steel construction
Good condition, no rust
Thickness of metal tests were done in 2006


Basin docks (Graving docks)

A Basin dock is a large fixed basin built in the ground and separated from the water by a dock gate.There are 3 types of basin docks:

The Full Hydrostatic Dock uses its weight to resist the full hydrostatic head on the maximum water table.
The Fully Relieved Dock uses a drainage system around the basin to drain the water away.
The Partially Relieved Dock uses a drainage system under the floor to eliminate the hydrostatic pressure, but the walls resist the full hydrostatic head.

Floating Dry Docks

A Floating dock is a specially designed structure to lift a vessel out of the water using buoyancy. There are 3 types of floating docks:

The Pontoon or RENNIE type dock with continuous wing walls and sectional pontoons. Usually can be self docked.
The Caisson DOCK (Box or One-piece Dock) that is built in one piece, with continuous wing walls and pontoon.
The Sectional Dock is a dock that does not have structural continuity over its length.

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